June, 2013


Dear Mr. Beale:

On the recommendation of two Americans who stayed at your Hatfield facility last week, I brought an 83-year-old friend of mine to supper. We arrived before the start of the evening dining following a tiring walk around the grounds of Hatfield House. Alexander, the dining manager?, welcomed us and promptly sat us down, provided menus, ice water, and said that whatever we wanted he would produce from the kitchen.

His attention to detail and his consideration for my traveling companion went above and beyond what anyone showing up at the odd hour could expect to encounter. The word, gracious, comes to mind.

Thank you for employing him!

I forgot to add that your food was as delicious as my American friends had indicated (we were all attending a conference on GB Shaw at Ayot St. Lawrence).

So...my new advertising slogan for you is...

""Make mine a Beales!""


Ann Stewart
(Cambridge, Massachusetts)


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