December, 2014

New Years Eve

Dear all at Beales Hotel,

I wanted to leave a comment on your website but can't seem to find the link;

I would like to express my gratitude to you all for such a fantastic evening on New Year's Eve, although the the atmosphere was fantastic, and the food was great, what surprised us the most was the Staff;

The Restaurant Manager was so accommodating to all of our needs and made us feel so welcome and at ease with our stay. Including our breakfast, it was not rushed and it was delightful.

The Assistant Managers (Male and Female) were so very kind and helpful, they ensured we enjoyed our stay and were very professional through-out the evening and morning.

Our group of 12 would like to thank everyone individually and though I don't usually send emails of gratitude (unfortunately too busy) I wanted to personally take time out to do so for the Beales group.

Thanks again! And see you very soon (for sure)

Christina Demetriou

(The girls in room 37)

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