May, 2009

Dear Andrew

Re: Fund Raising Dinner

Beales Hotel Hatfield did us proud last night! Everything about the evening was very well organised; the room, seating; equipment needed etc. The menu was superb and the staff extremely efficient, discreet and helpful. We were especially impressed with Kieran who was in charge; he did everything possible to assist us in setting up and preparing the room from 4pm onwards. He remained completely focused on us and our needs and kept a careful watch over his team, leading by example. He's a gem!

In the end we had 42 who sat down for the meal, over half being 'potential donors' (but obviously couples counting as one). When we added up all the one-off gifts; plus the Standing Orders (to include the giving for 1 year); plus the Gift Aid for the total; minus the hotel expenses, the amount raised comes to £7050.

This only includes the figures for those who returned forms on the night - quite a few took the forms home to think about it.

Added to that, we intend to write to all those who expressed an interest in becoming a Friend of Step but who could not come on the evening. We will send them the same forms and invite them to sign up also. There are a considerable number of people in this category - more than twice the number who came on the evening.

Also, the event has now reaped a considerable data base for Friends of Step.

So all in all, we are thankful to God for all that we have learned in organising this event; for all the new contacts we have made, and for the valuable finances which have been raised, and may hopefully still be raised, as a result of the Dinner.

We are immensely grateful to you, Andrew, for your generosity and encouragement without which we might have given up halfway through this exercise!

With all good wishes

Christine Barron

On behalf of STEP

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