History of Beales Hotel, Hatfield

In a hundred years, the building on this site has had four different names, being first built in 1907 as a private house called Ellenbrook. From 1938 to 1960 it was known as the Ellenbrook Residential Club. In 1960 the club was converted into a hotel called the Embassy Hotel, and 20 additional bedrooms and a ballroom were built.

55 yearsIn 1964 it was bought by Beale’s Ltd, the present owners, who changed the name to Hatfield Lodge Hotel and added the Hexagon reception room in 1968 and the Buckland conference and banqueting suite in 1980. 17 new bedrooms and new kitchens were built, and adjoining land was purchased for car parking.

In 2003 the older parts of the hotel were demolished, retaining only the Buckland Suite, kitchens and the new bedrooms, and the hotel was extensively rebuilt, opening in September 2004 as Beale's Hotel.

'Ellenbrook' in the 1930s

The Old "Hatfield Lodge'

The New 'Beales Hotel'


1907 house built (date formerly on rainwater hopper of Hatfield Lodge)
house known as Ellenbrook, St. Albans Road.
Records at the Archives Dept of County Hall, Hertford, show the following:
Electoral Registers of persons entitled to vote:
(The building was then listed under the parish of Colney Heath)
1907 Charles Ansell
1908 Henry Hobbs
1914 George Oakley
1918 John James Churchill
(I did not look up any other years, as it is only possible to call up four archives at a time)

Kelly's Street Directories for Hatfield list the following under Ellenbrook:

1923 Miss Gaussen
1927/8 Miss Gaussen (Barnet by-pass first mentioned)
1928/9 Miss Gaussen
1934 Miss Gaussen
1936/7 Mrs. E.Gerard-Smith
1937/8 Mrs.E.Gerard-Smith
1938/9 Ellenbrook Residential Club
1942 ditto
1949 Ellenbrook Residential Club, H.E.Smith, Secretary
1952 ditto
1958 ditto
1960 ditto
1962 ditto
1964 Embassy Hotel
1966 Hatfield Lodge Hotel


a) It is surprising that when the building was built as a private house it seems to have had several owners in a very short time.

b) In 1962 the building is still listed as Ellenbrook Residential Club. On the other hand, I have a distinct recollection of being told that Mr. Hack, who sold us the hotel in August 1964, had converted the building, re-named it the Embassy Hotel and built 20 new bedrooms and the old ballroom in 1960. It is possible that he did not inform Kelly's of the change of name.

c) I was surprised to learn that the building had gone through a phase from 1938 to 1960 as a residential club. I have never heard any stories about this club. As it existed before the 20 ground floor bedrooms were built, it must have been quite small, and cannot have had more than about 8 or 9 bedrooms.

Trevor Beale

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